Clustrix DB:
Today’s E-Commerce Database

 E-Commerce is growing fast and changing faster. Soaring sales from new mobile and social channels. Rising expectations for responsiveness and personalization. Novel business models, like group buying and flash sales, that generate more demand, but also add unpredictability.

ClustrixDB helps you contend with all these challenges and more.

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E-Commerce Companies Need an E-Commerce Database

ClustrixDB is an e-commerce database that uniquely meets the growth, performance, and availability requirements of today’s online retailers.

Ready for Revenue Growth

Ready for Revenue Growth.

Build your business on the e-commerce database that scales with your sales success. ClustrixDB gives your e-commerce site the capacity to sell more products, serve more customers, and take advantage of fast-growing mobile and social channels. And with massive headroom for growth, you can be sure that sales success won’t lead to website slowdown or failure, today or in the future.

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Always-on Shopping Experience

Increase site availability with a fully fault-tolerant database proven to maintain peak performance through massive sales spikes and explosive growth. Within a cluster, we keep multiple consistent copies of each slice of data. You get automated recovery in the face of disk or node failure, and your e-commerce site stays available with no data loss. This capability is significantly more robust than local MySQL master-slave configurations, where slaves can lag.

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Peak Site Performance at Peak Sales Times
Cutting-Edge Capabilities to Capture More Business

Peak Site Performance at Peak
Sales Times

Don’t let the holiday boom turn into a sales bust. With ClustrixDB, you can easily flex up to guarantee an always-on shopping experience when it matters most. Eliminate downtime during busy seasons and traffic spikes. And launch campaigns with confidence, knowing that whatever your next marketing move—whether flash sale, price promotion, or social media contest— your site can handle unpredictable surges in demand.

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Cutting-Edge Capabilities to Capture More Business

ClustrixDB lets you boost revenue and customer loyalty by analyzing and acting on live e-commerce performance metrics. Convert browsers into buyers with real-time recommendations and on-the-fly updates to products, prices, and bundles. And ring up more sales by immediately targeting customers who abandon shopping carts. ClustrixDB also supports omni-channel selling initiatives and helps you better orchestrate your customers’ shopping experience.

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Serious Scale for Serious Sales

Whether you’re looking ahead to the next holiday rush or gearing up for more mobile and social shoppers, ClustrixDB helps you handle rapid e-commerce growth with confidence and ease.

Your Business Depends on Your Database

The database is the linchpin of an e-commerce site.  It’s called into action every time a customer sets up an account, adds a product to the shopping cart, or submits an order.

As your business expands with more customers and new channels, or when demand spikes due to a seasonal surge or social media content, the database has to work harder.

If the database gets over-loaded, your customers will have a frustratingly slow shopping experience.

Even worse, the database may stop working altogether — which means you’re effectively closed for business.  Shoppers will abandon your site for a competitors’ and you risk losing thousands of dollars or more in revenue every second the site slows down.

This is the problem that ClustrixDB fixes for e-commerce business.